Enjoy a guided Segway tour, starting right away from the Manipura Estate.

Discover the ease and fun of riding a Segway. After a short introduction you will experience how easy and intuitive the Segway riding is. It gently moves you and keeps you balanced. Just step on and ride smoothly and almost silently away with a feeling of simple mobility and freedom. Experience the combination from Segway-fun and cultural education on our exclusive village tour.  A wonderful tour where you will get many information about the rural Bali, and where you will have a lot of fun with the Segway. While we explore a beautiful temple you will get many informations about the old balinese culture. On our tour along stunning rice-paddies, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about rice harvesting. We will glide on our Segways along the village roads, and on our trip we will visit a typical balinese home to see how the people live outside the tourist area. We will explore the typical balinese houses with their typical architecture, as well as the house temple, where, according to the balinese confession, the ancestry lives. Duration 2.5 until 3 hours. Should you prefer a Segway-tour near the beach, we will be more more than happy to bring you to our shop in Sanur to enjoy a fantastic tour over there.